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  • 9/16/20 - Bugfix and new dialog.
  • 8/26/20 -SFW version of the game will always be free!
  • Added a new version and made it free to download.
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One year after a world-spanning war, six heroes reunite.

Old wounds reopen, and tales best forgotten are shared once again.

As Raldin - a stoic guide who once traveled with these heroes - you will discover secrets both old and new as you reconnect and reminisce with your old companions.

About the game:

Inspired by a concept by F-adventure and with plot, characters, art, and dialog by yours truly, Shadow's Echo is my first released Visual Novel.

 In this alpha version, you can (currently) play through Chapter 1 and part of Chapter 2 and get a general idea what the characters and settings are like. Eventually, there will be multiple paths across multiple days, with over ten different endings.

At the moment, this game is completely SFW, but it will eventually contain erotic art and themes, including M/F, F/F, and M/M relationships.

The Characters:

  • Suluke is considered "The Great Hero" of the war. Once just the humble leader of his village's militia, circumstances quickly forced him to become so much more. it all began with a desperate plea from his friend, Talis. 
  • Talis was once just a amateur alchemist, a awkward teenager obsessed with creating new salves and potions.. until the day his village was attacked. The young man suddenly found his skills in high demand and he did his best to manage the chaos and desperation. It was days before he realized that in the middle of the attack, his best friend, Kamea, had gone missing.
  • Kamea was a young shopkeeper's apprentice who was good friends with both Suluke and Talis. When the main Sca'lee force attacked her village, a secondary group was rounding up the females of the community and capturing them. It was weeks before Kamea was rescued, but while she was imprisoned, she met a strangely regal young woman named Erith.
  • Erith was secretly a princess, heir to one of the various small kingdoms that were spread across the land. Her domain could have most likely gotten through the war unscathed.. were it not for the fact that the growing rebellion was headquartered in her kingdom's territory. Therefore, she was kidnapped and kept as both a hostage and a example of what could happen to those that resisted Sca'lee rule. When Suluke and Talis rescued Kamea, they ended up freeing her as well, unknowingly drawing the attention of forces far greater than they realized.
  • Raldin is the player character. A member of a enigmatic group of warriors for hire simply known as The Tribe, he lived a simple life until he was unwillingly drawn into the war by his former mate, Liani.
  • Liani was a member of The Tribe when she was a child, but she left once she reached adulthood. For many years, she ran a small tavern that was often visited by travelers and mercenaries. Everything was normal enough, until one of these travelers frantically asked her to conceal and protect a Sca'lee child, Rissa.
  • Rissa knows little of who she is or where she originally came from. She lived most of her life in a dark dungeon until a mysterious stranger rescued her. Because of her immaturity and short stature, people often mistake her for a child, and she takes advantage of this as often as she can.
  • Kol is the outsider of the group. Formally the "Bandit Queen", she agreed to hide Erith and her rescuers in exchange for a share of the royal treasury. Due to the way circumstances turned out, she never got that share.. instead she was eventually adopted by Erith's father and became a princess herself!


All Character Art, Character Design, Dialog, and most Backgrounds were created by the creator of the game. 

Some UI elements by SkottyTV.

Uses plugins by SumRndmDde, Yanfly, Tor Damian Design, Galv, Moghunter, Krimer, DreamX, Casper Gaming, Yoji Ojima, mjshi, and Sasuke KANNAZUKI

Audio conversion scripting was done by TangentFox
(No longer used, but I still want to credit them for their help)

Credits for UI Design, Cursor Design, Character 3D Model Resources, etc will be added as the game state progresses and will be finalized before the game is complete, but most 3D resources are from user uploads on ShareCG and Renderosity.

Characters and Backgrounds were made in Daz Studio 3D.

Current Storyline Status:

Kamea + Talis:

Chapter 1: 100% Complete

Chapter 2: 50% Complete

Liani + Rissa:

Chapter 1: 100% Complete!

Chapter 2: 0% Complete

Erith + Kol:

Chapter 1: 100% Complete

Chapter 2: 25% Complete

This is an alpha version and does not represent the final quality of the game.


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