World Forces are a very interesting part of the Charge TTRPG, and I think every GM should use them. Unfortunately sometimes creativity fails even the best of GMs, or a game starts spontaneously with little time to prepare. There's also the issue of creating new World Forces when your old ones are disliked, defeated, or simply ignored by the players. 

And so, I've started to put together a generator!

The generator will generate three random words each time you use it, and each of those words has a short description to elaborate on their possible meaning and to assist with inspiration.

I will be updating the generator over time, adding more words and ideas as I think of them. 

You can also use this tool on Perchance and in the online Charge TTRPG SRD!


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​This is a really nice generator you can slot into many games! Thanks for putting this together!


Thank you very much! Even though it was originally made for Charge, I tried to make it something that could work for most systems and genres! I'm trying my best to add another couple of possibilities every day or so!